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The Holders of Forgiveness

2020 is feeling like the start from hell tbh. Between the myriad of natural disasters, plane crashes, coronavirus and loss of many loved ones, it’s hella rough. So before I dive into my random, remember to treat pain with tenderness. In the midst of seeing so many mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter… Continue reading The Holders of Forgiveness

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Have I Glamorized the Living Abroad Experience?

To put simply, No. Is it all adventurous and exploring? No. I work. And I be tired. And Fridays I get excited to go home after football practice and just chill in my longyi and chat with Z over wine about the week. My life isn't glamorous but I enjoy it. My salary affords me… Continue reading Have I Glamorized the Living Abroad Experience?

Myanmar Living

Hand Injury Anniversary

August marked the completion of my first year abroad and one year since I cut my hand which required my first-ever hospital stay and surgery. Quite the adventure abroad I'm having. You can read a little about that experience here.  How has my hand healed up? Pretty good actually. I do feel pain from the scar… Continue reading Hand Injury Anniversary

Myanmar Living

Confessions of a Middle School Volleyball Coach

Volleyball has been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. We played on an old beat up court in Sandy Point. There's something exciting to me watching the ball glide through the air and waiting on your one-hit moment to shine and show your skills. In high school, my friends and I… Continue reading Confessions of a Middle School Volleyball Coach