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Confessions of a Middle School Volleyball Coach

Volleyball has been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. We played on an old beat up court in Sandy Point. There’s something exciting to me watching the ball glide through the air and waiting on your one-hit moment to shine and show your skills.

In high school, my friends and I played everyday during breaks and lunch. I played all 6 years of secondary school, and I became a referee in my first placement after graduate school. Thirteen years after finishing high school and I still get excited watching matches, even if they’re just middle schoolers.

Being a coach is a completely different [volley] ball game, and I wrote this reflection on this season at our Under 14 tournament.

Passion doesn’t convert into skills • Passion cannot be transferred • Teaching commitment to people used to getting their own way and being allowed to quit is hard • Kids don’t listen • Kids will do the exact opposite of what you say • Repeatedly • I am not allowed to be down when we’re down • Some of these other schools out here really flexin’ with their extra nice facilities (ine use) • I have to model not quitting when things get tough because they will get tough • Losing a lot makes a win a lot sweeter • Sometimes there is no win • Sometimes the reward is simply the experience.

We didn’t win a single game, but we won a participatory award for having the best attitude.

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