Thoughts & Thangs


In this moment of procrastination, I thought I’d clear my mind…

For a few days now a question keeps popping into my head: does a person need to constantly be trying to “level up”? Is it basic to be content right where you are with what you have and your daily routines? Are people that are seeking to level up, are they just trying to progress towards their higher purpose?

Why are some people content with the status quo while others are not? What is the status quo? (Let’s say that it’s a decent job, a car, mortgage, bills and family.)

I’ve worked throughout my entire college career and in one particular place of employment, there was an older colleague who had worked at this place since they finished their own college degree (side note: see how easy it was to use they and their as a replacement for gendered pronouns??). This colleague also lived in their same house for decades, had the same things for lunch everyday and had a weekly routine with their spouse. This person had only been out of the country once or twice and probably only had been on an airplane maybe once.

To me, living that way would probably drive me insane but then here I am in another country trying to create my own routines. Humans are creatures of habit.

Each week I have about 35 students I talk to about their college and career plans and it’s like, what’s the point of trying to get into a really prestigious university? Why does that specifically matter so much when there are so many people that are doing well for themselves who didn’t go to a top uni. What kind of satisfaction does it bring? Will it matter to your quality of life in 10 years?

Even if you never got a degree after completing high school, you should never stop learning. With learning comes growth, development, mental stimulation. We should evolve. We should grow, but that growth doesn’t have to be acquiring more things. It could be a growth in being more patient with others, or in your perspective and how you view others who are much different from you. It’s okay to be content with what you have…that means you’ve got some inner peace and to some, that may seem boring, but that is okay.

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