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The Holders of Forgiveness

2020 is feeling like the start from hell tbh. Between the myriad of natural disasters, plane crashes, coronavirus and loss of many loved ones, it’s hella rough. So before I dive into my random, remember to treat pain with tenderness. In the midst of seeing so many mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter… Continue reading The Holders of Forgiveness

Myanmar Living

Cheap Eats and Why I Don’t Cook Much These Days

One of the things I enjoy the most about living here in Yangon is probably the fact that food is so inexpensive. For the most part, if you stick with buying produce that are local or in season, it is pretty cheap. The more westernized the food product, the more expensive it is. Here are… Continue reading Cheap Eats and Why I Don’t Cook Much These Days


Flamenco Dancing & Church Ladies

In small, island churches, there aren’t always elaborate sound systems, teams of musicians or singers with the voice of an angel. Sometimes it’s just a church mother and her voice filled with years of experience of overcoming with God’s Grace and a tambourine. When I was a kid, the tambourine was the funnest instrument in… Continue reading Flamenco Dancing & Church Ladies

Myanmar Living

Have I Glamorized the Living Abroad Experience?

To put simply, No. Is it all adventurous and exploring? No. I work. And I be tired. And Fridays I get excited to go home after football practice and just chill in my longyi and chat with Z over wine about the week. My life isn't glamorous but I enjoy it. My salary affords me… Continue reading Have I Glamorized the Living Abroad Experience?