Myanmar Living

Have I Glamorized the Living Abroad Experience?

To put simply, No. Is it all adventurous and exploring? No. I work. And I be tired. And Fridays I get excited to go home after football practice and just chill in my longyi and chat with Z over wine about the week.

My life isn’t glamorous but I enjoy it. My salary affords me a comfortable living situation and I spend most of my money on food in any event.

Yangon is a city in a developing country so it’s dirty (generally), filled with traffic and is noisy at all hours. There are power cuts and monasteries that be hella loud. There are rich people and there are a lot more poor people who make in a day what I spend on lunch. There are pockets of beauty found near the parks and scenic lakes. The people are pretty laid back everything is “kanale” which means please wait.

Do I like paying 7,000ks for cheese or 12,000ks for salmon? No. But I could afford it. Do I like seeing the people spit their red betel but chew any and everywhere they please? Also no. But I enjoy 8,000ks hour-long massages. And KFC with liquid cheese sauce. And Lotteria’s mozzarella sticks.

I find that whatever you focus on in life affects your mood. When I focus on everything that went wrong or that I didn’t like, I get more annoyed and frustrated. And many times, they were things not in my control. I try to find little things to be grateful for like being at home when a big rain storm comes down and my ac is on, or checking all the things off my to-do list in a single day.

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