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Hand Injury Anniversary

August marked the completion of my first year abroad and one year since I cut my hand which required my first-ever hospital stay and surgery. Quite the adventure abroad I’m having.

You can read a little about that experience here

How has my hand healed up? Pretty good actually. I do feel pain from the scar every so often or if I press down in the center of my palm where the doctors made a separate incision. 

The photos below are pretty graphic!

If you get queazy, scroll by quickly….

Getting the wound cleaned a few days post surgery.

I still use the one and the same knife that cause the injury but needless to say I’m not opening any coconuts. It was actually a few months before I bought another fresh coconut anywhere. But coconut water is life so I stuck with the store brands that come packaged. 

Since the accident I am much more careful moving around the small kitchen space. I think my mind experienced more trauma than my body. My imagination is very active – (I probably should stop watching crime shows) I imagine in full detail graphic accidents and near death incidents that have not AND WILL NOT happen to me or anyone else…but I see these images often when I see the knife. Oh yea, I was reminded that from then on until now, my friends joke that I’m not allowed near sharp objects and I DID NOT cook anything for this year’s potluck lunch.

But what can ya do? Does a chef not use their tools because of an accident? My dad, a fisherman all of his life, got bit by a shark when I was around 10/11 years old. Thankfully he survived the attack and has a smiley scar on his arm. He didn’t stop doing his job. He was reminded to not get too comfortable out there in the ocean.  And life goes on.

And life goes on.

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