Quirky Things About Living in Yangon

I arrived back to Yangon the day before school started. Big mistake! But within days of arriving, things started to feel like “home”. I’m still working to get into a routine now that I live so close to school but it will come in due time.

Living in Yangon means that I don’t have a tub and that my shower drains into a hole/pipe in the floor. I learned that my washer also does the same thing too!

Living in Yangon means your national shoe is a pair of flip flops because anything else during rainy season will likely stink or get ruined by water.

Living in Yangon means living on the 6th floor of an apartment building and not having an elevator.

Living in Yangon (and working at a British school) means I say things like lift, flat, jumpers, and aircon because..Brits I say, Brits!

Living in Yangon is an endless game of Frogger crossing the street.

Living in Yangon has it moments where pulling my hair out seems reasonable, but I like it. I feel safe here. Of course the staring gets weird but I know my melanin is like not common here and my hair looks like a sponge. I do miss living in the states, receiving mail, eating rice krispy treats and the much cleaner air. But there’s a charm to living in Yangon…a charm filled with quirky little things.

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