Myanmar Living

Being in a Still Place

Today, I am in a still place. My routines here are pretty set. This doesn’t lend itself to exciting adventures or anything fun to write about. But it’s okay.

In my mind when I was somewhat preparing to make the move to Myanmar, I envisioned weekend trips to cool spots and getting lots of cool videos and photos to share. Welp, that’s not happening and I have to let go of that idea and be okay with it. Sometimes my most exciting activities are football (soccer) Fridays or spa days with my coworkers and friends. We have fun together.

My still place looks like reheating food I prepped on Sunday for the week, listening to a podcast or reading, going to the gym, a phone chat with my husband and then bed. Being in a still place is okay. It’s not every weekend needs to be filled with activities. In fact, my weekends mostly involve the foodstore and meal prep.

My football (soccer) jersey 🙂 Never in my life I thought I’d play this sport and actually enjoy it. I’m working on my goalie skills.

Meal Prep: stuffed peppers – butter rice, zucchini, mushrooms

I still enjoy Sunday afternoons in the kitchen, prepping meals for the week. The idea of coming home after a long day to cook is exhausting and often results in sucking my teeth until I make a ramen noodles. I could just eat out, but the idea of putting on appropriate clothes to go and get food (on a school night) also leads to me sucking my teeth.

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