Myanmar Living

I am not brave… I have faith.

My faith is not the strongest at times, several life tests have shown me this, but after I’ve shed my tears I still know that God provides and will make a way.

I know that many people out there have their reasons for not believing…they’ve lost, they’ve hurt, they’ve experienced gut wrenching pain. And yet, they are still here among the living.

My move to Southeast Asia wasn’t me being brave, I was doing what I had to do. Bills don’t pay themselves and when one door shut (not getting situated in the US), you don’t keep standing there knocking, you try another door. Yangon was simply another door.

Some people would retreat home, tail between their legs, but I also knew of the great benefits to working abroad in an international school and I wanted that experience.

  • Housing/accommodations are often provided by the school or you receive a housing stipend. Housing is typically the largest expense most people spend money on per month.
  • Tax-free salaries in many countries.
  • Working in diverse schools. You learn so much about other people and cultures. You also wish people came with substitutes because some accents are hard to understand.
  • Holiday travel. Some of the places have a holiday every month so you can really feed your travel bug.

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