Book Review: Battlefield of the Mind

As a man thinketh, so is he.

I am a fan of Joyce Meyer, both her sermons and her books. She does not preach the prosperity message, but rather a message that says that we can make changes to our lives so that we can enjoy life more abundantly. This book reminds me of that message.

“Our past may explain why we’re suffering, but we must not use it as an excuse to stay in bondage.” 

Most of the time the biggest war is the one the wages in our mind. One small incident could happen and we let 5 minutes ruin the rest of the day because we keep going over it in our heads over and over…what was said, what was done, what we would have liked to have said…over and over.

“If our thoughts are going to affect what we become, then it should certainly be a priority that we think right thoughts.” 

This book provides many scriptural references on how to go through the process of renewing your mind and one way is to spend time reading the Word of God and studying those scriptures that you will want to replace those negative thoughts.

It doesn’t happen overnight…renewing your mind. Like any and all habits, it takes time, lots of practice and effort. I’m a realist but I am also very much an optimist so this book was uplifting to my spirit and a reminder that the things we meditate and think on, turn into words or actions, which ultimately becomes your life.

I liked how Joyce used situations from her everyday life, friendships and marriage and shared how her thinking affected those situations. Another book of hers that would be great to read after this book is Power Thoughts.

You should read this book if:

  • You constantly find yourself worrying or thinking about the worst case scenario in every situation.
  • You want spiritual tools to overcome a negative mindset.
  • Looking for peace…peace of mind and peace at home.

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