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How to Read More

We always find reasons to not do something even if it something we know we should do it because it’s good for us. It takes discipline and lots of effort. Maybe you used to love reading as a kid but then high school and/or college happened where you only read out of necessity and casual reading became a thing of the past. It happens, but we don’t have to stay in that funk and let social media trolling and Netflix take over our lives. 

  • Format: sometimes it seems impossible to find the time to actually sit down and read a paper book. By the time most get home from work and cook dinner, reading can seem like a chore on top of actual chores. Audiobooks are great because you can basically listen to them anywhere while doing various tasks. Listening to tasks also improves your active listening skills because you have to train yourself to focus on listening and not letting your mind wander off. You can get free audiobooks, or use iTunes, or get a subscription to Audible.
  • Always travel with a book: going to the wash house, catching a flight, taking the bus or train? Pack a book. I read mostly on my iPad so that makes it easy because it’s not bulky and I can switch between audio or reading depending on where I am. 
  • Make use of idle time: being stuck in traffic, doing chores around the house or the hours you spend trolling Facebook and Instagram could be time spent reading. If you can’t tell yet, I highly advocate audiobooks because you listen to a book while doing these things.
  • Put it in your schedule: the same way you would schedule going to the gym or any other thing, write it down. Block out 30 minutes twice a week to read. If you have a family, set a time for family reading time where all electronic devices are put away to read.
  • Keep a book at your night stand: reading is a great activity to do before going to bed as compared to scrolling online. 
  • Read to your child(ren): It’s an easy way to spend time with your tiny human and help them develop an interest in reading.

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