Thoughts & Thangs

Living In Thailand

When I moved to Myanmar, I brought with me a single pack of Poptarts. Ironically when I left to come to Thailand,  I brought with me a single pack of Poptarts.
I have no regrets about my emergency food stashes!
I wanted to live in Thailand, or at the very least visit the country since probably 2016. I remember listening to the audiobook 4 Hour Work Week and a podcast of an Asian American guy living a simple life on of the islands drop shipping.

Life  is funny that way.

The romanticized version of the experience I had in my head was that my husband and I would be out here, living a simple but fulfilled life, both of building and working online. Maybe by the beach, because salt life, making money, saving money because cost of living here definitely beats The Bahamas aka top 5 most of expensive country to live in. Thailand would be our hub to travel and see other countries in Asia.  My husband really wants to visit Japan. I just want good food in any place we visit.

Life is funny that way.

Here I am. In Thailand. Living. Working online.

Minus a husband.  Plus covid. And a coup.

Managing stress takes effort and work. Writing this post took a lot longer than anticipated just because the mental energy was not there to deal with work, learning and other hobbies. I’m finally finished with school online for this academic year (notice I didn’t say finished with work) so now to focus on the presence of summer.

Pre-covid, my ticket home would have been booked and in a few days I’d be in The Bahamas. Amid covid, I would have been doing activities with friends (masks on). But this year has presented so many more changes and transitions…friends in different countries, moving on for good from Myanmar.

So yeah. I’m here. With my thoughts. I’m okay. I have enough hobbies and work and professional development to keep me from being bored. I’m trying to avoid the comparison trap. Comparing life to others especially from the social media snippets of people’s lives,  and also from the imagined summer that I creater in my mind to keep hope alive getting through these final months of the school term. The one that involved beaches, bae and Bahamian food.

This beach though!

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing, watching others go on living like da viddy ain’t out here and we’re not still in this pantalaones.

So anyways.  It’s summer. I’m grateful for the break. I’m glad I’ll have time to focus on hobbies and personal interests. Random side note: fish sauce smells frousy!

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