Myanmar Living

Eating Out VS Cooking at Home

Ahhh…the memories. When eating out was a thing in the early 2020, late 2019s. Back when dining in restaurants was allowed here, I don’t think that I ate out that much but I did order at least 1-2 meals per week. My friends and I would have an early morning breakfast gathering for around $2 (tea/coffee, continental or local noodles of the day with fruit and yogurt). Good times, I miss it.

Lockdowns forced a lot of dining facilities to get on the food delivery apps if they wanted to have customers. While this was and is great, my level of lazy was not in the mood for going up and down my 6 flights of stairs to the gates to get the food. Also, during the rainy season I would feel kinda bad ordering food because the delivery people have to bike in the rain.

Even though I haven’t been ordering out, I have also not been cooking much. They sell sushi-restaurant gyoza at the grocery store and I would go consecutive days of eating them for dinner. I’ve also taken a liking to charcuterie boards aka adult lunchables, enjoying a combination of cheeses, crackers, dates, smoked salmon and olives. At best, I make breakfast foods — omelettes, beignets, pancakes and such. Dinner is where ya put ma. Lunch used to be a whole thing with our lunch club at school but covid then moving to a new school changed that. I’ve also eaten a ton of cinnamon rolls and various baked goods which I now have to find the discipline to lose the earned lbs.

What’s the point? There is no point.

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