Thoughts & Thangs

Pushing Through Tough Times…

…because what is the alternative? I’m trying to not let the weight of all that’s going on lead to another year of not writing. This is just a hobby but getting my consistency back up in this area will lead (in theory) to building my consistency across other habits I need to get back into.

It’s hard. Discipline is hard and it feels harder as an adult because you often don’t have someone pushing you to get things done. Unless you have a family/child as a motivator because they’re depending on you in some way.

I have no solid solutions right now. I know they exist and on another day I’d be able to provide a listicle of ideas. But I’m tired. I’m drained today and I’m trying to push past and push through this tired to get things done. I think this is what some folks just do…it. It is by no means easy. If I sit anywhere other than at this work desk, that’s it.

Compounded fatigue is real. Personal life struggles, zoom fatigue, covid fatigue and now a military coup in the country that I can’t publicly express opinions on. It’s a lot.

Routines keep me sane. Specifically, routines where my participation impacts others aka work. I have to keep going for my students.

Sometimes even when we know what it is good for us, we don’t do it. Why is that? Why do we make the choice to do nothing when there is some things that will help us feel better?

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