2019 Update & 2020 Book Challenge

I did not put in the time to do it.

This past year of reading was okay but not great and for a simple reason: I did not put in the time to do it. Yes, I read books, 32 in fact, but the goal was to read 50. Within this challenge was to also read books from various categories. Check out my post on 2019 Book Challenge where you will also see updates on book titles I read that fit those categories.

The earlier part of 2019, January through April, I was more consistent and on track with number of books read, but summer time…not much reading happened. And that happened continued on through the remainder of the year. In 2018 the goal was to read 26 books and I ended up reading most of them between October and December. But I also didn’t have specific categories that the books had to fit into, so I read more freely.

I think I also set a bit of an unrealistic goal of 50 books for myself. I’m a big proponent of creating SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals. A part of knowing whether or not a goal is realistic is evaluating yourself, your abilities, strengths and weaknesses and basing it in your current reality, not 2.0 you that you envision in your mind. A better goal would have 35 books based on my past record because it’s a little ways out of my comfort zone, but not so far that it supersedes my level of commitment.

2020 Reading Challenge

  • Read 40 books this year.
  • Complete 2019’s category reading challenge.
    • One word title
    • Funny book
    • Fictional book about a historical event
    • Book of poems
  • Read all the unread books I have in my house (13)
  • Write more book reviews and take notes as I’m reading the books to make review writing a bit easier.
  • Read more books as opposed to listening to audiobooks, in either E-book or physical book format.

So as you can see, this year’s reading challenge is more about refining how I read and developing the reading experience. As a reminder, I use Goodreads to keep track of my reading stats. I don’t really write public reviews there, but I might do a bit more of that. Also, I’m looking to connect with more readers on there so be my Goodreads friend if you fancy!

What kinds of books are you looking forward to reading in 2020?

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