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Drink & Draw and Other Things To Do

This past month, I painted my first canvas painting! I’ve never considered myself to be an artist by any means (even though I did do Culinary Arts) but I do enjoy the arts. I like the idea of art. In reality, my artistic abilities… they ain’t it! Ability and interest are irrelevant if it’s not job-related so I was more than happy that I got squeezed in.

Summary: I had a great time and will absolutely do it again in the future.

Breakdown: For the cost of 20,000MMK ($13), you get a meal and one drink and your art supplies for the night and hours and hours of music, laughing and painting.

The professional stuff

I appreciate the business model of a Drink & Draw, Sip & Paint or whatever you want to call it. This night’s theme was Expressionism so we really didn’t have an instructor guiding us through the process. We could choose from a printed photo set up at a canvas station or we could find our own design and get to it. I happened to choose one of the more difficult printed designs…hey, I didn’t know. All I saw was lots of pretty colors and went for it.

It doesn’t look much like the inspiration piece but I’m not mad at my effort. The experience was so therapeutic. I was out of mind and all the days’ stresses and dramas were tossed to the side and all of my concentration was put into creating my masterpiece. Kids should really do more art.

Some people ask me “what’s it like living here? What do you do?” Work. I go to to work. I drink water, wine and coconut water and mind my business. I do bit more than that, but mostly that. I mean, for the most part I’m pretty boring, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do around town. I’ll share bit of what my colleagues get into.

There’s various sports clubs like badminton, softball, Gaelic (I say garlic) football, rugby, running the hash, swimming, tennis. Most of the sports are geared towards expats, but I think Myanmar folks get involved as much or as little as they’re interested. The less physically active (me) may cruise the malls and wet markets, Saturday makers market or farmers’ markets and find some interesting local pieces or foods. The movie theatres show the more popular western films in English. Some colleagues play in their own bands, or sing karaoke (still haven’t truly done that yet). There’s also bars, lots of restaurants and parks for people to hang out at. And if all else fails, poolside buffets at hotels are a thing here and I’ve yet to try Rose Garden’s Sunday themed brunches.

Things to do with kids?? Not really my expertise…My students tell me they just hang out at the malls, or by each others and stay on their phones. It’s what the kids of their generation do. But, young or old, single or not, there are things you can do solo or with company. I no longer describe my weekends as boring because I make a choice to not do much. Honestly, after a long week, doing nothing with the a/c on and snacks is like the best feeling ever.

Cheers to the weekend! Oh wait…it’s only Wednesday!

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