Myanmar Living

Comparison is the thief of joy…

A couple goes into a restaurant and they order different items on the menu. The server brings their food. They both enjoy their (own) food until one asks, “Let me try some of yours“, and this is done so innocently. Now your food could genuinely be better than theirs but now they’re eating their food with the taste of inferiority.

If the food was so bad, they should have asked the server to take it back or bring out the condiments.

Often times we move to a new place and we can’t help but to compare this place to our old home… the place we’ve grown to love and appreciate (and low key hate at times). The place we defend tooth and nail if someone dare slanders it (search Bahamians on Twitter and cyc).

I’ve made a lot of my own comparisons and contrasts about life here in Yangon and I really did contemplate making a video about the 5 Things I like and dislike about Yangon, you know you’ve seen a bunch of these videos about different locations around the world. I changed my mind.

There’s unseen beauty in everything and everywhere I suppose. There will always be things that we don’t like or that we’re not used to because we grew up doing it differently or the country we’re from is more advanced, whatever.

Getting taxis to go anywhere is very easy and super cheap. The food (if you stick to Asian cuisine mainly) is very good. There are non Asian options like pizza, Krispy Kreme and KFC. The traffic here sucks like any city at the typical peak times. The banking feels like something circa 1995 (another post for another day). But people here seem very humble and don’t serve you with the attitude of a westerner who’s trying to leave work right at 5 o’clock and you walk in the door at 4:55pm.

I would have never gotten to the hospital as quick as I did in Colorado (and probably in Emporia). Yes, I was in the hospital here (already dred), but that’s a story for another day.

Find the good; if you can’t accept the bad, move. You are not a tree. Or do something about it.

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