Myanmar Living

Loon Almond Tree and Potcake!

It’s been a little of three weeks since moving to Yangon. So many adventures in such short time. Adventures that I will share soon in some detail. For now, I’ve been spending my time focusing on the reason I’m here –work. Can’t spend all my time touring. But I wanted to share some observations about this new environment.

Right now we are in rainy season, which will last until October I was told. That means it rains everyday, several times a day. An umbrella is a must.

This place reminds of Nassau/Kingston, Jamaica in the way it looks. Because of the constant rain and humidity, many buildings have a nice, beautiful layer of mold or green goodness growing. I know, sucks for you folks with asthma and thangs. If I had done proper research, I would have looked up videos of what the city would look like or its landscape, but I didn’t, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was all too familiar. Now, as I’ve discussed with my teacher colleagues, The Bahamas is cleaner and we don’t have as much people living in poverty, but there are some slummy areas in The Bahamas (y’all know…Pigeon Pea/The Mud).

Myanmar is a “developing country” and its main industries include agriculture, energies and tourism. 60 percent of its GDP comes from agriculture (Thanks, Trenaire!).

Population in Myanmar: 52.89 Million (2016)

Population in Yangon: 7.3 Million

1USD = 1539MMK kyat (pronounced chat) which means your US money once converted goes pretty far.

Major religions: Theravada Buddhism with sprinkles of Christianity, Islam, other types of Buddhism. Peep my visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

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