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Life Update: Where is home?

Lord knows a blog update has been long overdue. So many stories to share, things I want to write about and document, but sometimes life comes at you fast. And when life is being lifey, the only recourse is to do enough just to get through each day.

Long story short, home right now is The Bahamas. But honestly, home is wherever you are and what you make it. For 3 years Yangon was my home, and last year was when I finally decided to invest in home decor pieces…sigh. I miss my egg chair. Anyway. Home for a few months was Bangkok, Thailand, which was a fun and quiet the dream. I stayed there for three months in a tiny condo with a pool and a gym that I could only walk past and not use due to panini lockdown rules. Home for a month was Miami, as I spent time with my grandmother before her passing.

And now home is where my husband lives. I am very fortunate that my school is completely online and this allows me to work from where I’d like to be. This however does mean a complete reversal of my work hours (9pm – 5am). Although my body has adjusted to being up through the night, it’s the day time where I often struggle with staying asleep for consistent hours.

Here’s a photo recap of the past few months…

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