Thoughts & Thangs

A Procrastination Brain Dump

I set a goal this week to write one blog post. This is it. I should be studying and completing my online courses. I will. I have until Saturday.

I’ve not written anything for months, so it’s like where to begin. Maybe I’ll do another post on my summer recap. For now, I rant.

We’re living in Covid-19 times and everyday it feels like someone keeps saying It can’t get much worse than this and sure enough, some wild and crazy ish happens. Someone’s country leader does the uttermost, some celebrity we know and love die, Breonna Taylor’s killers are out here really vacationing and whatsnot…2020 is wild.

And even still, there were so many blessings and things that I am grateful for. I’ll start working at another school shortly, I’ve had so many professional developments, they’ve almost made up for two years of not really having many. My family is well. My Grammy just turned 81 and she’s still out there touching the road! My grandaunt sends me good morning messages everyday when it’s like 4am her time. Bless her. So yea…I mean I could write just as many negative things that have happened, probably even more. Like this matcha green tea latte, I just had…the powder wasn’t mixed properly so there were lumps…yuck! It what’s you focus on.

When you’re home spending so much time alone, the mental battle seems the most active. Fighting negative thoughts, self-doubt, mourning what was, accepting what is… Am I good enough? Can I really do this? What if I don’t do well?

I’ve not yet made the guava duff…I’m holding onto my final two cans of guavas like somehow waiting is going to make a difference. I will make it though.

And then alien vehicles. Thanks Pentagon for that bit of info.

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