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Delayed Adulting Syndrome

I’ve just recently turned 30, and from what I’ve heard, the 30s are lit and I’m looking forward to the lit years, but in the meantime, I have to point out how inadequate of an adult I feel sometimes. I’m calling it delayed adulting syndrome: a condition in which the feeling of being an adult is delayed due to a suspended existence in your 20s of limited traditional adulting experiences.

I had the realization recently that I am only in my second year of full time work since finishing college (for the third time I might add). Although I have worked throughout all of my degrees and full time in between each one, I have two years full time since my degree but 6 years of of experience.

I don’t know, it’s weird. When my parents were my age, my dad been had a home, married, broken up and moved on. My mum had 3 of 4 kids. I have 7 plants and half of them may not live to see June. I also own nada.

It feels like more and more people my age are postponing achieving or attaining many of the markers that have typically defined adulthood. One reason is because we’re becoming more educated than our parents. I think our financial foundations also plays a role since that provides a different kind of access to resources (via the quality and level of education reviewed or the fact that you don’t have to start a financial ground zero.

3 thoughts on “Delayed Adulting Syndrome”

  1. At nearly 30 myself I’ve already owned my own home (not mortgage), lived on my own, gone to college, gotten married, had a stable career / job, etc, etc, etc, (literally the only thing missing due to infertility is children)… And not even I feel like an adult. At this point I’m of the firm believe that you never actually feel like one- “traditional adulting experiences” under your belt or not.

    Every time I start thinking about that, or all that I haven’t achieved yet, though? I remind myself that it takes 10 years to genuinely master any given skill- and that the vast majority of the amazing minds on our planets never achieved anything legitimately significant before their 40’s or 50’s; we’ve still got time, even if we’ll never feel like adults.

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    1. Congrats on all your accomplishments! And you’re right…we have time even when the world may lead us to believe otherwise.
      I’ve also wondered if my friends with kids feel like more of an adult because someone’s life is literally their responsibility.
      30 is really doing a number on my mental space.

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      1. Whatever you wind up doing, and wherever you wind up going, learn to just enjoy it ❤ You don't have to be the best, the brightest, or the most accomplished. You just have to be happy with what you wind up with in the end.

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