Myanmar Living


Thailand has been on my bucket list, vision board, goals list for several years so it was literally a dream come true when I got to go. 

Shoes off when entering any religious temples.

When I first moved to Myanmar, I had to stop over in Bangkok but I couldn’t really enjoy it because I was so exhausted and was mainly focused on getting to Yangon. This second time around, in between visa business I had lots of time to play tourist and check out the busy, bustling city. 

It was a short but sweet trip, I’ll definitely go back. The shopping malls are beyond huge, and I had the most amazing mango and coconut ice cream at the Chatuchak Market that has over 15,000 stalls divided into 27 sections. We only touched the tip of that iceberg. 

The cultural show with the live animals was pretty awesome. I’ve never been to a theatre show that was so elaborate. They had a whole river on the stage. Of course I had counsellor hat on thinking about all the careers/jobs and how cool it must be to make a living working in the arts where you’re not necessarily a celebrity but you have like a legit, steady job. 

The old lady cooking up a storm at the beginning of the video is Supinya Junsuta aka Jay Fai, the owner of a Michelin starred street food restaurant. If you don’t have a reservation, don’t plan on eating for several hours. My colleagues and I waited for like an hour and during that time only three people got served. This street food joint is known for their crab omelets. That Michelin star got them thinking they fancy so their food was a bit pricey compared to their neighbors next door where we eventually ate at. 

As everyone knows, Thai massages are good and cheap. I surely did have one. I had a 30-minute foot massage + 30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage for a total of 350THB or $10.61. So yea…go there, get you lots of massages.

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