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How’s it going?

Life has a great way of reminding you that even when you think you’re in control, you’re not. Life will never be perfect but we can find moments of perfection in the midst of it all.

So how’s it going way across the way for me? Not bad I’d say. It’s been about 4 months here, the cut on my hand is healed although I still have some tingling in my fingers. My weekly routine is mostly school and home with pockets of weekends for errands.

I’ve learned to appreciate this whole idea of pampering. Massages and regular mani/pedis were once apart of my working past when I first graduated with me AS from University of The Bahamas. It’s been many years since then, so being able to do so for cheap is a good feeling. $20 for a manicure and pedicure?? Heck yea, I’ll take two! And they serve awesome tea.

Going to the gym here can be a bit pricey and finding the motivation to just go in the evenings is a challenge, but I took advantage of a free 3-day pass and went to one. Very nice gym, with good classes, but the way my consistency and cheapness is set up…I have a better chance of working out at home, which I barely do.

I had a visa run to Thailand and that was fun weekend. I promise I have photos and videos to share soon soon. While I was there I had one of those I can’t believe I’m in Thailand moments. Thailand was legit on my vision board for a few years, especially after stumbling across the book 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.

I’ve come full circle and become a volleyball coach for middle school girls. Last year in Colorado, I was apprehensive about coaching and became a referee. This year I went all in with it. It’ll be fun to see how the season goes. My school has a very small network of international schools that the students will play against and although the season is 3 months, there’s like so many breaks.

That’s me, bottom right…co-captain circa 2006.

Holiday travel? Unlikely. Well traveling home for the holidays is. There are other parts of the country that’d be cool to see. And we’ll see if bae makes the trek to these parts.

So that’s how life is going right now. Everything doesn’t go 100% right but it is what it is. I need to figure out how to send and receive mail so that y’all good folks can send me stuff. I’m not hard to please, a few cans of guava would make my day.

6 thoughts on “How’s it going?”

  1. My roommate just mentioned a place that has 60 minute massages for 60 yuan which works out to around $10. I need to go! My body is in a place, lol!
    I’m glad that the cut on your hand has healed and that you have a comfortable routine.
    I ain’t working out either, sis. I walk to and from the train station #Dassit and #Dassall.

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    1. You should totally do it. #treatyoself My colleague is thinking we check out a massage place where all the masseuses are blind.
      And today’s volleyball practice counts as a workout. I was sweating like I ran the laps 😂

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