Myanmar Living

I Miss…

I can’t say that I’ve had a huge cultural shock since being here, but there are some western comforts I miss.

Starbucks for example. It’s practically pumpkin season and I miss all things pumpkin flavored. Pie, spiced lattes, candles, cereal even.

I miss fall weather. Here, rainy season is coming to a close and it’s hot. Like sweating if I move too fast for more than two minutes, hot. Fall stateside meant boots, scarfs, and cool jackets. Right now I’m contemplating adding more to my wardrobe, in particular, Hammer-style pants.

Since August and my little hand injury, it’s been mostly work, trying to figure out the ways of Myanmar banking and weekends of errands, a few hospital check ups and prepping for the week to come. Thankfully the long stretch is almost over and we’ll have a holiday break.

I’ve never been a big flowers person but I bought some today for 98 cents USD. The color scheme reminds me of the leaves that changed color back in Emporia on campus.

I miss good dessert. My dessert experience has been mostly blasé. Something about the texture of the cakes here…very dry or to merse! (moist)

And then there was this debacle: blueberry cheesecake

Not a single spec of cream cheese to be found, but I spent maybe a dollar so served me right for going cheap. I’ve seen other places with cheesecakes for 4,000ks which for me (el cheapo), is on the higher end of what I would spend on a single food item.

I miss the cool air of my basement apartment back in Colorado, and looking at random people paddle boarding on the Eagle River as Linux and I chill on the porch.

But with everything I miss, I find little things to enjoy. Like the sincerity of thank you when a student says I really helped them even though I didn’t think I did very much. Or the pleasant surprises when I find foods that I used to have back in The Bahamas. I enjoy my work and although every hour of my day feels booked most times, I get so engrossed in many tasks or talking to Year 13 about the college experience.

I miss my old homes, but for now, this is home.

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