Day 3: Figuring It Out

Moving is by no means easy, and long before the Facebook status update was a lot of paperwork, mental preparations and planning. When I first shared that I was moving to Asia, many people said that I was brave and I got some apprehension due to fear for my safety (which I appreciated the concern. No worries, I’m pretty safe). I honestly didn’t and still don’t feel like I am brave. I just know that I was willingly to take the risk as I’m developing my career as a school counselor.

So, onto some of the things I’m trying to figure out. Behind the scenes of adjusting to this new life, I’m also adjusting to using a Macbook laptop, learning my DSLR camera, and figuring out this video stuff. I’ve never been one to want to be in front of the camera per se, I like capturing the moments and sharing those images.  But here is my first video.
Please leave a question below as to something you’d want to know about or leave me a tip on how to improve my videos.

Side note, my room is a bit noisy due to the traffic outside. I live on a very busy street.

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Figuring It Out”

  1. Did a quick Google Earth search for Yongon, looks very densely populated! (No wonder the noise outside your apartment) What is the major industry that supports the city?


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